Interlinked360 provides IT Consulting services to clients who might just need a second opinion or maybe

  1. ​Stay assured that your IT solutions will meet business requirements
  2. Protect your clients, staffs, and valuable by ensuring a safe network
  3. Enhance your efficiency by concentrating on your business instead of IT issues
  4. Stay prepared for any uncertain issues through our 24/7 technology monitoring system

The solutions we recommend are chosen to ensure effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and overall quality of your company. We understand your business relies on a modern IT infrastructure. Uncertain IT issues can disrupt your business which might cost your company time, money and unnecessary hassles. Sometimes a minor interruption can result in delays, unsatisfied clients or worse. To avoid such situations Interlinked360 can take help you by providing customized solutions from our expert consultants.

Interlinked360 will help make sure your business runs as competent as ever by ensuring new technology, and by leveraging the benefits of modern technology you are currently using.

Our IT consulting services are:

  1. Cloud Services
  2. Virtualization (Hyper-V and VMware)
  3. Managed IT Services
  4. Full Service IT Support
  5. Backup and Disaster Recovery
  6. Network Design
  7. Network Security Audits
  8. Office Relocation

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